Monday, December 15, 2014

Caramel Cake VS Red Velvet Cuppies


It's been a while since I'm taking order for my caramel cake. Oh, did you know that I am a caramel cake baker ? Yes, old time story. I am not a good baker, the only cake that I can bake is this one.

 I have a friend who is a huge fan for my caramel cake. Repeated order so many times, overwhelming response that made my heart bloom :) and she is a great baker. But I don't know why she cannot bake this one, haha. All the cakes that she made are to-die-for (judging on the look, since I never had any chance to taste it yet!)

One day, she suggest to swap our cake. Since I want to taste your cake, you want to eat my cake.. so why don't we swap ?

I give this,

And get this !!!

What a lucky me ! All the cuppies are #sumpahsedab

And all the pictures credited to @lilredfarah

Thanks babe, entry yang super delay. All the cakes dah selamat licin dah haa. Hihi. Highly recommended to order the cake from her, all self pickup at her home at Kajang.

Bye for now !

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