Friday, June 17, 2011

Spa's Membership

Hehehe, spa talk again (I can see your boring face :p)

Remember Amarylizz Spa that I reviewed earlier ? Their service are really satisfying and I'm glad that I decided to buy 3 coupons before :D And I will continue to visit the spa even without the coupon ;)

Because.. Now I am already a member, I can get 50% discount on Member's Day, tralala. And even can get 40% off for facial treatments everyday tralala. Also get 30% off for body treatments everyday tralala. And 20% off to buy any products tralala. How can I am not happy :D

Oh, I forget. Not only me getting the benefit from the card. If I bring friends or family, they can get 50% off for all treatments for themselves :D And now, I have RM 30 cash voucher to be redeem before 26th June. Anyone interested to use it as I don't think I have a time to go since I already went there yesterday.

In case anyone interested to become a member too, the fee is RM 388 for a lifetime.

Eh, about the cash voucher, I am serious to give it away. Who want ? The spa is located in Kota Damansara.

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1 comment:

nanonano said...

fuhhh ini bunyinye mcm dah ketagih dgn spa doh neh,

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