Saturday, March 31, 2007

=) morning!!

iyaaahhh...wake up at 6.15 am today!! such a record for frens asked me a favour to send her to stesen komuter lazily wake up, brush my teeth n wash my face..haha..but NOT take my shower.. :P cold la this morning..even when my fren interrupted my sleep,im not wake up immediately :P balik2 dr anta my fren kat stesen komuter tu, trus on laptop..dont feel like to sleep back :D laparla plak rasa nk beli nasi lemak or roti canai tapi..pewot aku ni mna biasa makan pagi2 sgt gini, slalu compiled trus ngan lunch :D so..defer dlu my desired tu..hehee..susah pewot manjes ni.. :P hari ni ade plan cambesh je ;) dont wanna tell u now..i'll update later k :)

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