Monday, December 16, 2013

Limit in Following Up Your Potential Customer(s)


2-3 months back, when husband and I were going to our weekly routine of groceries shopping at Giant, we stopped by at one water dispenser kiosk. That is Coway. We were really interested in getting the information about the product since we intended to install one at our place. But the constrain is - THE BUDGET.

We are not sure do we have enough budget to install Coway at our place. So we keep on holding this, and waiting for the right time to do it. At that time, I did gave my phone number to the salesman and I acknowledged that by giving my phone number to him, I allowed him to do a follow up with me about this matter.

1 week after that visit, he called. I answered and told him that we are not ready yet. Later, when we want to buy we will inform you. I thought we already done after that.

But it's not. Just about 2 weeks later, he called again. Asking about the product. The dialog is about the same everytime he called :

Hi Puan, ni saya dari Coway.


So macam mana ye dengan Coway tu ?

Takpelah, saya tak berminat sekarang. Nanti saya nak saya akan call.

Ke Puan dah ada satu dekat rumah ?

Tak, belum lagi. Saya nak nanti saya bagitau. Ok, bye.

Every single freaking time, man ! Until only last week (12/12/13) I received a text from him ;

Assalamualaikum Puan, Coway product less 20% per unit. Instalment 12 bulan = RM 213. Ikut harga cash. Reply jika Puan setuju untuk saya follow up - Hisham

I definitely didn't reply that message. Hoping that he will understand that he should stop following up with me. Fullstop.

Yesterday, one private number called in. I picked up and I heard someone said,

Salam Puan, ni saya dari Coway. Puan dah makan..

Before he continue the conversation, I cut in and said.. Saya memang tak berminat dah, kalau saya nak saya akan bagitau.

I hung up.

I really really hope that he won't call me again. NEVER.


My husband used to work as a sales person before. When I told him about the story, he said that he never do follow up more than 2 times. I myself, a Shaklee Independent Distributor also. Never push people to buy things like this.

What say you ?

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