Thursday, November 8, 2007

cant sLeep's 4.18 o'clock in da morning
n yet..
im still here
in front of my pc
i've been sitting like this for the whole day i guess
what a very boring day..
what a lazy me
i dont feel like to sleep either
adeh~ if hari2 mcm ni..
im gonna gain my weight..damn it
got to do sumthing!!!

got bad news tonite..
not too bad..
but it is still very bad to me :(
im wondering why my yayang dont msg me yet
even dah kol 12am..
usually he will txted me at 10pm every night
but tonite..
until 12am im waiting for him..
nothing :(
i lost my patience n my temper
i called him so many time
but he didn't pick it up
gosh..i am sooo angry lol..
ya ya..
my anger can rise easily..
no doubt!!
but then around 12.45am
he txted me
he said he's at the hosp
sumthing like dia saket dada
n doc wanna do some blood checking tomorrow
so he has to stay over there..
how guilty i am
to mad at him b4 :(

sorry dear..i love u :( get well soon ya!


ReDbLoOdSnOw said...

makanya....don't get easily angry. **aku ckap x serupe bikin...diri sendiri lagik cepat mara..ekekeke**

hope nuar will be just fine arrr...
x maw arr pape jadik kat die coz x maw tgk ko ceddey2 arr za...

shasha said...

sabar ek..hopefully everything will turn up fine...jgn sedey2 sangat...

sweethOneY said...

zie + shasha -> ya ya...thanx :)

encik nauze said...

oit..bagus la klu die xde pape..
aku doakan nuar tu sihat2 slalu la hendaknye..amin..
tu la ko..
x habis2 anger can rise easily..huh
ko nak aku daftarkan ko masuk kelas anger management ke?
voley je..hahaha

sweethOneY said...

well..u know me :P

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