Wednesday, October 24, 2007


td merayau ke blog shasha, tgk dia buat satu quiz ni..SHOULD U BREAK UP WITH HIM?

nape tah aku g buat gak :P
my heart rs i should take a break..
tp surprisingly the result..

Break Up? Are You Kidding?

You're relationship is top notch, period!
Why are you even taking this quiz? :-)
Maybe you know you've got a good thing going
Or maybe you're a little shaky from a fight
Either way, stick with this guy!


shasha said...

uiksss...??? saya sangat jeless...hehehe

sweethOneY said...

hahaa..shasha..adeh~ *sigh*
ni hanya la kuiz, jangan terpedaya :P *pesanan ditujukan khas utk shasha shj* :P

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