Saturday, October 27, 2007

live to the fullest :)

recently, mmg malas nak update sbb nothing interesting happenned pon lately, another copy n paste to share with all of u..cheer up k..dont be sad *i dedicated this to myself*

Realize this...

You should eNjoy your teenage moment,
without any unnecessary pressure.

♫ It supposes to be a haPPy period and

Dont let others deciDe the way your
life should flow.

Being coupLe maybe is a good idea for
you, but it is unnecessary.

Keeping frieNds is important, but
making new friends every day is the most!

This is suppose to be a LearNing
period, you should act like a curios
little baby. Learning in process!

SmiLing and LaughiNg, they both
entertaining ! So why frowning!?

Cry is good, it's your personal's way
to relief.

Acting craZy somehow enjoyable. But
plz be rationaL!

Do what the baby does, maKing others

You age is a period of enjoying the
life to the fullest... Sad is nOt required!

♫ Be positiVe, tell yourself, "I am
young, I can do everything I want!"

Being naughty means you are active!
Being stupid means you are really dumb!

It's the period of pLaying time.
Dont be shy, or you just put hurdles on
the best path to grow up!

Learn from the best, and makes your
parents and people around you happy of
your existence. HaPPy and nOt feeling bad!

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